Network discovery


Account → Audit → Network radio button

Sites → open a site → Audit → Network radio button

About network nodes and network discovery

Adding devices to your Datto RMM account manually can be time-consuming, however, if one of your fully Managed devices is designated as a network node device, it can discover devices on the network for you during audit. For information on how often an audit is performed, refer to Frequency of audits.

The discovered devices will be displayed under the Audit → Network radio button and you can add them as Managed network devices to your account and then start monitoring them through the designated network node.

By default, Agents in Datto RMM do not interrogate the local network for devices that are capable of being managed. In order to find those, you’ll need to assign a single device, which has a Managed Agent installed, as a network node. It is recommended that this is a device that has a high uptime, for example, a server.


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