Manage monitors

VIDEO  Datto RMM Best Practices - Monitoring
Datto RMM technical experts Jon North and Aaron Engels walk you through exactly how to set up your monitoring policies to ensure the alerts they’re generating are relevant, useful and timely, how to make them stay that way, and how to configure them to try to resolve themselves.


Monitors can keep track of a variety of attributes, processes, settings, statuses, events, and much more. They can raise an alert when the device they are deployed to is not operating within specified parameters. For more information, refer to About monitors.

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Best practice monitoring policies

Datto RMM's best practice Monitoring policies are available to download from the ComStore. These policies include best practices to monitor the most common platforms and applications, such as Exchange, SQL and IIS.

For more information, refer to Download a Monitoring policy and Best practices for Monitoring policies.