ComStore and components

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Learn about the ComStore and the various component types available within Datto RMM.

About the ComStore

The ComStore is an online repository within Datto RMM, offering:

  • Components - Components are as diverse as application installers, third-party integrations, scripts, or even device monitors. For more information, refer to Component categories.
  • Monitoring policies - Monitoring policies offer best practices to monitor the most common platforms and applications, such as Exchange, SQL and IIS. Refer to Download a Monitoring policy.
  • iOS apps - You can target your iOS devices with a list of applications that are available to download from the ComStore's App Store section. Refer to Download iOS apps.

For detailed information about how to access the ComStore, and how to download components, monitoring policies and iOS apps, refer to ComStore.

Working with components

  • To see how to download components, refer to Download a component.
  • To learn how to create your own components, refer to Creating a component.
  • You may want to export components to make them available for other users of Datto RMM, or you may be interested in components created by others. To learn more, refer to Export a component and Import a component.
  • To learn how to exchange components with fellow Datto RMM users, refer to Exchange components.
  • Components that you have downloaded, imported or created yourself are available in your Component Library that you can find by clicking on the Components tab. Refer to Managing components.
  • To learn how to create a component monitor that you can run as a response to a device alert, refer to Create a custom component monitor.
  • Components are deployed to devices through a Scheduled Job or a Quick Job. Refer to Jobs.