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About the ComStore

Datto RMM makes many components and monitoring policies available to all partners. They can be found in an online repository called ComStore that can be accessed by clicking on the ComStore tab.

Components are as diverse as application installers, third-party integrations, scripts, or even device monitors, while monitoring policies offer best practices to monitor the most common platforms and applications, such as Exchange, SQL and IIS.

Component categories

Components in the ComStore are grouped into the following categories:

  • Applications - The Applications category contains programs such as web browsers and browser plug-ins, Adobe products, Flash players etc., ready to be pushed out to as many endpoints as required.
  • Integrations - Integrations enable Datto RMM to connect to PSA platforms, such as Autotask PSA.
  • Device Monitors - Device monitors allow you to monitor the state of your devices, e.g. backup, services, processes, antivirus, and more.
  • Extensions - Extensions provide additional functionality, such as Mobile Device Management or Splashtop Remote Screen Sharing.
  • Scripts - This area contains scripts for activities, such as installing uVNC mirror drivers, clearing the print spooler, rebooting the system, and various other useful tools.

To make a component available to yourself or other users in your company, you must first download it from the ComStore. All downloaded components are added to your Component Library that can be accessed by clicking on the Components tab. From there you can deploy the components to your endpoints.

Supplementary component information

While all components are made to be as intuitive as possible, there are occasional instances where extra information may produce better results. The table below lists these components.

Component Name Note
Autotask Refer to Autotask PSA Integration.
ConnectWise v2 The second generation of the Datto RMM/ConnectWise Integration. Refer to ConnectWise Manage Integration.
Create "New Support Ticket" Shortcut [WIN] Certain requirements must be met in order for a shortcut made with this component to function. Refer to Integrated ticketing with Autotask PSA.
Datto Backup Opportunity Audit Tool [WIN] Refer to Best practices for Datto Backup Opportunity Audit.
Security Audit [WIN] Refer to Best practices for Security Audit.
Sophos Central (Various) [WIN] Refer to Sophos Central components.

CyberDrain components

The following components have been produced bespoke for use with Datto RMM as part of a partnership with CyberDrain, a Microsoft certified engineer who regularly blogs on the uses of PowerShell at

Downloader-type components

Downloader-type components run by performing a series of checks on the endpoint and then downloading the latest version of the installer for the program on the fly via the script (whereas normal components attach the installer and execute it directly). If you use a downloader-type component, make sure to whitelist the relevant download URL. For more information, refer to ComStore component and Software Management URLs.

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