About jobs

A Job is an automated process for deploying one or more components from the Web Portal to a number of devices, either immediately or at a scheduled time.

When a quick job is set up or a job is scheduled, the Web Portal signals the targeted devices that a job needs to be run. The Agent will download the job and run the script.

Jobs can be scheduled for individual devices, sites, filters or groups. You cannot run a job at the Account level. The following operating systems support running jobs:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Quick jobs

A quick job allows you to immediately deploy one component without having to schedule the job. Refer to Quick jobs.

Job scheduler

A scheduled job allows you to run multiple components immediately or at a scheduled time. To learn more, refer to Job scheduler.

Active and completed jobs

For information about your active and completed job schedules, refer to Active and completed jobs.


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