Quick jobs

Refer to JOBS, ACCOUNT → Monitor, and SITES → Monitor in Security Level Details - Permissions

Site lists → select one or more sites → Run a quick job

Device lists → select one or more devices → Run a quick job

Device Summary → Actions → Run a quick job

Device Audit → Actions → Run a quick job

Account → Monitor → Monitor Alerts radio button → select one or more alerts → Run a quick job

Sites → select a site → Monitor → select one or more alerts → Run a quick job

About quick jobs

A quick job allows you to immediately deploy one component without having to schedule the job. Quick jobs always run in the LocalSystem Account but it is possible to force the execution of a script to run in the context of the local logged on user by opting to a Scheduled Job and using the Advanced Options → Execution section. Refer to Job scheduler.

Similar to scheduled jobs, quick jobs can be run against individual devices, sites, filters or groups. Components must be marked as favorites to be available for quick jobs.

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