Best practices for Monitoring policies

VIDEO  Datto RMM Best Practices - Monitoring
Datto RMM technical experts Jon North and Aaron Engels walk you through exactly how to set up your monitoring policies to ensure the alerts they’re generating are relevant, useful and timely, how to make them stay that way, and how to configure them to try to resolve themselves.


NOTE  Before reading this document, we recommend that you get familiar with the following topics: Managing policies, Policies - New UI, and ComStore and components.

In addition to setting up your own policies, a selection of monitoring policies is freely available to download from the ComStore. For more information, refer to Download a Monitoring policy.

These monitoring policies aim to provide a best-practice solution for the most typically encountered usage scenarios involving Datto RMM. We encourage you to try them on your own devices to provide a solid, baseline monitoring solution to which your own monitoring can be added. Although downloaded from the ComStore, once added to your account, a ComStore policy becomes a regular monitoring policy which can be configured and changed as required. Targets typically must be configured before use.

Listed below are just some of the monitoring policies provided in the ComStore, along with detailed information on the criteria we monitor and further relevant information.