Create a custom component monitor

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  Knowledge of a scripting language like Batch or vb script is required. For scripting languages supported by Datto RMM, refer to Scripting.

About custom component monitors

Component monitors are, in essence, scripts that regularly run on your devices. If a specific condition is met, an alert will be raised. You can find and download a number of pre-configured component monitors from the ComStore that cover antivirus packages, backup systems, CPU temperature, predicted hard drive failures, and so on. Refer to ComStore and components.

EXAMPLE  For example, the status of Datto's cloud-based file backup service, Datto File Protection, can also be monitored through a component monitor. For more information, refer to Datto File Protection Integration.

Sometimes, you may want to generate alerts we don't have pre-configured component monitors for. For example, you want to:

  • Monitor a backup or antivirus package that we don't currently have a ComStore component for.
  • Check whether a specific file or folder exists.
  • Run a diagnostic command (such as dcdiag or repadmin) and check the output for issues or failure.
  • Interrogate a database using a command line tool (like osql) and check specific values.

For cases like these, and many others, Datto RMM includes a powerful scripting tool that allows you to write your own monitoring scripts called custom component monitors. A knowledge of scripting languages is required.

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