Test SNMP monitoring in the Agent Browser

About SNMP monitoring

When you’re setting up and configuring your SNMP monitoring, it can be useful to be able to test some of the functionality before you start applying it to your devices.

For example, you might want to confirm that the SNMP response to a specific Object Identifier (OID) comes in the format that you expect, or that a device can actually be connected to over UDP port 161 by your Network Node device.

To test this, you can use the Datto RMM Agent on the Network Node device to test out SNMP monitoring and connectivity.


You should be familiar with the process of how to nominate a device as a Network Node device and how your network devices can be discovered and managed by a Network Node. For further information on this, refer to Network discovery.

If you are not familiar and comfortable with the concepts, terminology and technology around SNMP, please refer to the guides we collected in the topic referenced above. This document assumes that you know the SNMP OIDs (Object Identifiers) that you want to monitor, and the thresholds (values) that you want to monitor for. You may find out more about the SNMP OIDs from the device vendor or from the device documentation.

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