The Datto RMM Web Portal

The Web Portal is your endpoint management control console. Depending on your security level, you have visibility of every site you manage as well as your entire device estate.

In the Web Portal, you do the following:

  • Access the New UI BETA. Refer to New UI BETA.
  • Set up and configure your Datto RMM account. This includes setting up security levels and users, branding your portal, configuring account and site settings, and installing and managing third-party integrations. Refer to Set up Datto RMM.
  • Manage the sites in which you can group your devices by customer, location, department, etc. Refer to Sites.
  • Add and manage all your devices, including Windows, macOS and Linux devices, ESXi devices, network devices and printers, and mobile devices. Refer to Devices.
  • Set up monitors that alert you automatically when thresholds are exceeded, and push them out to multiple devices through policies. Refer to Monitors and policies.
  • Create and manage components (applications, monitors and scripts) that get deployed to your endpoints. Refer to ComStore and components.
  • Schedule jobs. Refer to Job scheduler.
  • Create policies. Refer to Manage policies.
  • Manage patches, network devices, software, backups, and security. Refer to Manage your endpoints.
  • Manage alerts and tickets. Refer to Alerts and tickets.
  • Generate reports and exports. Refer to Reports.


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