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Permission to view Sites


When logging in to Datto RMM, you land on the Sites page which lists all the sites that you currently have in your account.

You can also access a list of your sites by opening a group they are associated with. For more information, refer to Groups.

To find out how to add a new site to your account, refer to Add a site.

For further information about site types, refer to Site types: Managed and OnDemand.

Sites tab

Click the Sites tab to see a list of your sites in your Datto RMM account. By default, the following information is displayed:

Field Description
Name The name of the site. Click the hyperlink to open the Site Summary page. You can edit the site's name in the General section of Site Settings.
Description Click to update the description of the site. You can also update it in the General section of Site Settings.
ID The unique ID (identifier) of the site. This field cannot be edited as it is hard-coded.
Devices Shows the total number of devices that have this site's Agent installed. Click the hyperlinked number to be directed to the list of devices.
Offline Shows the number of devices that have this site's Agent installed and are offline. Click the hyperlinked number to be directed to the list of devices.
Proxy Shows the site's proxy settings that you can configure in Site Settings.
Delete site The Delete site icon becomes visible when you hover over a site. Click the icon and a pop-up window will appear. Check the I understand that this action is irreversible check box before clicking on the Permanently Delete Site button. If the site you are about to delete has devices, those devices will be deleted as well. When deleting a site, its integration data will also be removed.

For information about deleted devices, refer to Manage deleted devices.

The page lets you do the following:

Field Description
Column Chooser The Column Chooser lets you select which columns should be visible in the results view. You must select at least one column. You can click All or None to select or deselect all the options, and you can restore the default view by clicking Restore Defaults. Drag and drop any of the columns to re-arrange their order in the results view. Click Save to apply the changes or Cancel to discard them.
Search A dynamic search field that lets you search for your sites. As you type, the search results are narrowed to match your search string.
Show entries Lets you select to show 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 entries per page.
Context menu Hover over the context menu and select one of the following Shortcuts:
• Summary - Refer to Site Summary.
• Device List - Refer to Device lists.
• Audit - Refer to Audits.
• Manage1 - Refer to Patch Management.
• Monitor1 - Refer to Manage alerts.
• Support - Refer to Manage tickets.
• Policies1 - Refer to Manage policies.
• Settings - Refer to Site Settings.
Previous / Next Click on Previous / Next to see the previous or next page of results.

1 Not available for OnDemand sites.

There are a number of extra buttons available in the Action bar:

Icon Name Description
Add site(s) to site group Add the selected site(s) to a site group. Refer to Groups.
Edit description of selected sites Edit the description of the selected site(s). Refer to Site Settings.
Schedule a job Schedule a job for the selected site(s). Refer to Job scheduler.
Run a quick job Run a component through a quick job for the selected site(s). Refer to Quick jobs.
Export to CSV Allows you to export a list of the devices in the selected sites in .CSV format. Make sure to select/deselect the columns you want to include/exclude in the export.

Microsoft Excel is unable to properly display UTF-8 compliant CSV files when they contain non-English characters.

Send a message to the selected devices Send a message to all the devices in the selected site(s). The message will pop up on the devices once they are online.
Note: It usually takes a few minutes for the message to appear.
Schedule reports Schedule one or more reports for the selected site(s). Refer to Report scheduler.
Map site(s) to Autotask PSA company Map the selected site(s) to a PSA company. Once you have clicked on the icon, the Map Sites page will open. For more information about the options on this page, refer to Add a site.

This icon is only displayed if your Datto RMM account has been integrated with Autotask PSA. Refer to Autotask PSA Integration.

Refresh Refreshes the current view. This will show your sites' most up-to-date status.


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