Refer to ACCOUNT → Dashboard in Security Level Details - Permissions



On any page in the New UI BETA, you can change the theme of your account. Select the Dark mode toggle button to switch between dark and light themes.

Search for devices

On any page in the New UI BETA, you can search for devices using the Search bar at the top of the page.

  1. Enter any string and the search results will be narrowed as you type. Searches are not case sensitive. You can search by:
    • Last User
    • Device
    • Site
  1. Click any item in the search results to open the Device Summary page. Refer to Device Summary - New UI BETA.
    Alternatively, click View all devices to open the Devices page. Refer to Devices - New UI BETA.
    The All Sites link will direct you to the Sites tab in the current UI. Refer to Site lists.


Depending on your security level, the New UI BETA allows you to access the following areas:

Send feedback

If you have suggestions, comments, or find a bug, please submit your feedback via the Send Feedback button from within the Dashboards BETA. Your feedback will be sent directly to the development team, and will be used to improve the functionality of the pages, as well as to prioritize new features.


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