Windows 7 to Windows 10 in-place upgrade by component

VIDEO  Datto RMM Best Practice: Migrating Windows 7 to Windows 10
Join Datto RMM technical experts Jon North and Aaron Engels to learn how to leverage Datto RMM to quickly build a business case for the best strategy for your Windows 7 to 10 upgrades, and then execute them smoothly and at scale. This session also covers how to manage Windows 10 Feature Updates.

High level summary

Datto RMM can facilitate the upgrade of Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 via the use of components. The current version available in the ComStore covers the most common requirements. For more specific use cases, however, additional components are available. Please note that all steps within this document assume the endpoints being managed are sufficient for the task in that they are powerful enough for the new OS and they are upgraded as appropriate with tested drivers and applications, compatibility issues identified and resolved, and so forth.