Patch Management

VIDEO  Datto RMM: Patch Management Best Practices
Datto RMM technical experts Jon North and Aaron Engels explain why Patch Management is such a critical business offering. They cover what Windows updates and Patch Management look like in 2019 and beyond, with Cumulative Updates and Windows as a Service. They explain how you can leverage Datto RMM in the most efficient way for your business and offer their best practices suggestions to improve your current patching and updating strategies. Also refer to the Windows 7 to Windows 10 webinar recording to learn how you can control Feature Updates for Windows 10 with Datto RMM.

What is patch management and patch policies?

Datto RMM patch management allows you to both control and automate the deployment of patches to your Windows devices. The main objective of patch management is to create a consistently configured environment that is secure against known vulnerabilities in the operating system.

Patch management is controlled in accordance with a device's patch status through policies at the account and site level, while individual patch installations can be configured at the device level, permitting exclusions or tolerances for individual patches without needing to alter entire policies.

IMPORTANT  Only Windows Managed Agents support patch management. Refer to Managed and OnDemand Agents.