Methods for deploying Agents

Managed Agent Deployment Methods on Windows Devices
Learn how to deploy the Datto RMM Managed Agent to Windows devices using the following methods: RMM deployment, Active Directory deployment, and manual deployment.

When you become a Datto RMM partner, and every time you on-board a new customer, the first task is to deploy Agents to all the devices.

This can be a bit of a chicken and egg problem: the very tool you use to deploy software isn't on the device yet. There are, however, a number of different deployment methods, including using an existing software deployment mechanism, manual installation either by technicians or end-users, using the startup script functionality built into Windows Group Policy, or using the LAN Deploy tool built into the Agent itself.

To help you figure out the best way to go about it, refer to the following table.

Agent Deployment Situation Best Option
You are replacing another RMM software with Datto RMM In this circumstance, the best option is to use the old RMM to deploy and install Datto RMM Agents to all devices. When that is done, use Datto RMM to remove the old RMM's Agent.
The site you are deploying the Agents to has a domain controller If you are planning on deploying Agents across a Windows Active Directory domain, you can use the startup script functionality built into Windows Group Policy to do the deployment for you. This will ensure that the deployment is touching every device that applies the GPO, with minimal levels of manual intervention. Refer to Deploy Agents using Active Directory.
No Agent on the network If this is a new customer and there is no Agent installed anywhere on the network, you must email or manually install the Agent on at least one device. Refer to Download or email the Datto RMM Agent.
Another device on the network already has the Agent installed If one device on a LAN already has an Agent installed and you have the right permissions, you can deploy this Agent to devices that don't have it across the LAN. This works for both Windows and macOS. Refer to LAN deployment using the Agent Browser (Windows only) and LAN deployment from the Web Portal.

If you are cloning or ghosting a device that has an Agent installed, you must first remove it. Refer to Cloning or ghosting devices that have Datto RMM installed.

You cannot install Agents on switches, routers, UPSs, printers, etc., because these devices don't have an operating system. However, devices that can be managed using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) can still be monitored. Refer to Manage and monitor SNMP-enabled network devices and printers.

The Datto RMM Agent cannot run on ESXi devices, however, a network node device can manage and monitor them. For further information, refer to Manage and monitor ESXi devices.


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