Installing or uninstalling the iOS Agent

IMPORTANT  The Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature is no longer available for new implementations. MDM-related documentation in the Datto RMM Help only applies to partners who are already using this feature. Please note that if the Mobile Device Management component is deleted from your Component Library, you will not be able to download it from the ComStore again. For further information regarding this change, please refer to this Community post.


The Datto RMM Mobile Device Management (MDM) service gives Datto RMM administrators the ability to roll out (enroll) and manage mobile devices from within the Datto RMM Web Portal.

Enrolling an iOS device requires either the execution of the device enrollment file (enclosed with the enrollment email), or scanning of the necessary site’s QR code.

Before starting, make sure to download the Mobile Device Management component from the ComStore. Refer to Mobile device management.

NOTE  In case you choose to enroll your iOS device through the enrollment email, ensure that you have a native iOS mail client installed on the device.

Enrolling an iOS device is a two-stage process:

  1. In the first stage, you need to enable the Apple Push Certificate in your account. Refer to Set up the Apple Push Certificate.
  2. In the second stage, you need to install the enrollment profile on your device. Refer to Install the Agent using the QR code (preferred method) and Install the iOS Agent via email.

Supported versions

For information on supported iOS versions, refer to Operating systems.

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