Mobile device management

The Mobile Device Management component must be downloaded from the ComStore so that you can manage mobile devices in the Web Portal.

About mobile device management

The Datto RMM Mobile Device Management (MDM) service gives Datto RMM administrators the ability to enroll and manage mobile devices from within the Datto RMM Web Portal. Once the MDM Agent has been installed on the device, it will appear in the Web Portal under the associated site and display audit information. For information refer to Audits.

Device status information is displayed on the Device Summary page. Unlike regular Agents, mobile devices don't have a persistent connection to the platform. They only display an online status when they are being audited. Refer to Status.

Mobile devices have a number of extra buttons available in the standard Actions bar on the device summary page. Refer to Action bar icons.

For supported Android and iOS versions, refer to Supported operating systems and Agent requirements. For a feature comparison of iOS and Android Agents, refer to Features of Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile device Agents.

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