Designate a local cache

What is a local cache?

A local cache is a designated device that can be used as a component cache to store components and/or as a patch cache to store patches.

A component cache stores a local copy of all downloaded components in your Datto RMM account and then distributes the components to other devices in the same site without the need to pull them from the Datto RMM Amazon cloud platform.

A patch cache downloads and stores patches from Windows Update to serve them for devices in the same site through a patch policy. Any Agent that completes an audit and learns that new patches are available will let the platform know. The platform will then instruct the patch cache to start downloading patches, therefore, the patch cache will continuously download new patches as the need for them arises.

IMPORTANT  Since 2019, Microsoft has changed the method for delivering Windows-as-a-Service-based Windows updates. Devices affected by these changes cannot receive their updates from a patch cache and must download updates directly from Microsoft. Legacy devices remain unaffected and will defer to a local patch cache if one has been configured. For more details on these changes, refer to this Community post.

IMPORTANT  A maximum number of eight devices can be patched simultaneously by a local patch cache. The rest of the devices served by the patch cache will queue. Queuing and performance depends on the resources available to the patch cache, as well as on disk and local network speed.

Using a local cache for downloading either components or patches reduces bandwidth usage and drastically improves efficiency when deploying components and conducting patching operations.

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