Device Summary - New UI BETA

Refer to SITES → Devices in Security Level Details - Permissions

New UI BETA → Devices → All → click the name of a device

New UI BETA → Devices → click the name of any of the previously accessed devices

New UI BETA → Dashboards BETA → select a dashboard → click the name of a device in any of the widgets


The Device Summary page provides easy navigation to locate all relevant information about a device efficiently. It is touchscreen friendly and offers visual cues on a single, intuitive page to guide you to the information you need the most.

Device name, status, privacy mode

Icons next to the device name help you identify whether the device is online (green dot), offline (red dot), or whether privacy mode is switched on.

Action buttons

Different device types have different action buttons displayed at the top of the page.

Action Button Server/Laptop/Desktop Network Device Note
Web Remote   Only displayed for online devices and if the Web Remote option is turned ON in the Remote Control Tools section of your security level. Click the button to connect to the device using a Web Remote session. The session will open in a new browser tab.

A Web Remote session can be initiated from any device (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android) so long as the device has a modern browser; an Agent is not required. However, only Windows and macOS devices with an Agent installed can be controlled via a Web Remote session.

For more information, refer to Web Remote BETA.
Agent Browser Only displayed for online devices. Click the button to initiate a connection to the device using the Agent Browser.

A connection through the Agent Browser can only be initiated from Windows devices with a Managed Agent installed. OnDemand Agents and operating systems other than Windows do not have an Agent Browser.

For more information, refer to Agent Browser.
Open in PSA This button is displayed if the Autotask PSA Integration is enabled and the Datto RMM device is synced to PSA. Refer to Autotask PSA Integration.
The tooltip on the button informs you about the Last Autotask Sync Date and the Last Autotask Verify Date. Click the button to access the mapped configuration item in PSA in a new browser tab. If you were already logged in to PSA or single sign-on is configured for you, you will be directed to the Edit Configuration Item page. If you are not logged in to PSA, you will be required to enter your login credentials first. For more information, click the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the Autotask PSA page. You will automatically be directed to the appropriate topic in the Autotask PSA Online Help.


The Device Summary page displays a number of sections called 'cards' that contain a wealth of information about your devices. Click the name of any of the cards on the left of the page to jump straight to that section.

All timestamps on the page reflect the time zone configured on the Setup → My Info tab. Refer to Time Zone.

Different device types have different cards available, and the cards may display different fields depending on the device type. The table below lists the available cards per device type. Further down, you'll find information about each card type.

Card Server/Laptop/Desktop Network Device
Open Alerts
Real-Time Monitors
Installed Applications  


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