Devices - New UI BETA

Refer to SITES → Devices in Security Level Details - Permissions

New UI BETA → Devices → All

New UI BETA → Sites → View all

New UI BETA → Sites → click the name of a site or the number of devices next to a site name


Devices are the endpoints that are managed in your Datto RMM account. All devices are associated with a site. Refer to Sites.

The Devices page displays all of your devices or a subset of your devices associated with one particular site, depending on which navigation path you chose to access the page.

At the top of the page, the devices are sorted into the following categories:

Category Description
Total Displays the total number of devices.
Server Displays the total number of server devices.
Workstation Displays the total number of laptop and desktop devices.
Network Displays the total number of the following network device types:
• Network Device (Firewall)
• Network Device (IP Phone)
• Network Device (NAS)
• Network Device (Network Appliance)
• Network Device (Other)
• Network Device (Router)
• Network Device (SAN)
• Network Device (Switch)
• Network Device (UPS)
ESXi Displays the total number of ESXi host devices.

List of devices by category

Click the View in Table button to view a list of devices of any of the categories. The table header shows the total number of devices of the selected category in parentheses.

The Column Chooser allows you to show or hide certain columns within the table. Select an option to show the column in the table, or deselect the option to remove it from the table. Fields that are unavailable to show or hide for this table are grayed out and not available for selection. You may also reorder columns in the table by clicking and dragging the header for the column you wish to move.

The table contains the following information:

Column Sortable? Note
Hostname Displays the name of the device. Click the hyperlink to open the Device Summary page. Refer to Device Summary - New UI BETA.
To narrow the list, click the Filter menu icon, enter a term, and click Search. To see the full list of devices again, click Reset.
Status Click the Filter menu icon and click Online or Offline to filter by the status of the devices. To see the full list of devices again, click All.
Site Click the site name to open the Site Summary page.
Last User  
Operating System  
Serial Number    
Web Remote   Displays the Web Remote action button when available. For more information, refer to Web Remote in the action buttons section on the Device Summary page.


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