Intel EMA component

Datto RMM has integrated with the most advanced Intel vPro Technology framework, the Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA), to extend your ability to manage systems remotely. This collaboration between Datto RMM and Intel allows for advanced PC remote manageability and security at no additional cost to you. The following key Intel vPro Technology functions are now available in Datto RMM:

  • Hardware-based Remote Power On/Off: Allows you to remotely and reliably power on a single system or multiple systems across every work site for remediation or patching at a time convenient for you and your customers. It also allows you to lower your customer’s energy cost by powering devices during business hours only.
  • Hardware-based Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Remote Control: Gives you visibility and control of customer systems, even if the operating systems are disabled. This provides for a significant reduction in technician time, as it saves technicians from having to go on-site to fix issues. In addition, you can even reach machines that are beyond the corporate firewall.

How to...

Download the Intel EMA component

  1. Log in to your Datto RMM account and click the ComStore tab.
  2. Search for the Intel vPro Discovery & Intel Endpoint Management Assistant Link component.
  3. Open the component and click Add to my Component Library to download it.

Configure the Intel EMA Integration

Refer to the Datto RMM vPro Navigator. This interactive step-by-step online guide will walk you through discovering and configuring Intel Core vPro processor-powered PCs as well as how to use the Intel vPro platform remote management functions within your Datto RMM management console.