Devices - New UI BETA


Devices are the endpoints that are managed in your Datto RMM account. All devices are associated with a site. Refer to Sites.

The Devices page displays all of your devices or a subset of your devices associated with one particular site, depending on which navigation path you chose to access the page.

Add device

Refer to Adding a device - New UI BETA.

Device categories

At the top of the page, the devices are sorted into the following categories:

Category Description
Total Displays the total number of devices.
Server Displays the total number of server devices.
Workstation Displays the total number of laptop and desktop devices.
Network Displays the total number of the following network device types:
• Network Device (Firewall)
• Network Device (IP Phone)
• Network Device (NAS)
• Network Device (Network Appliance)
• Network Device (Other)
• Network Device (Router)
• Network Device (SAN)
• Network Device (Switch)
• Network Device (UPS)
• Datto Access Point
• Datto Switch
• Datto Managed Power
• Printer
ESXi Displays the total number of ESXi host devices.

List of devices by category

Click the View in Table button to view a list of devices of any of the categories. The table header shows the total number of devices of the selected category in parentheses.

The selection box allows you to select one or more devices. Select all devices shown by checking the selection box in the table header. Once you have made your selection(s), click the V icon next to the box and choose one of the following options:

  • Export selected rows to CSV or Export all (max. 500) rows to CSV: In the confirmation pop-up window, select whether to show table headers in the file by toggling the Show table headers in the exported CSV button. Select OK to download the file. Any column selections or filters that have been applied to the table will also be applied in the CSV file. A maximum number of 500 rows can be exported to a single CSV file.
  • Quick Job: Refer to Quick jobs - New UI BETA.
  • Move to Another Site: Refer to Move to Another Site.
  • Delete: Refer to Deleting a device - New UI BETA.

The Column Chooser allows you to select which columns should be visible in the list. Refer to Column Chooser field definitions for descriptions of all of the available fields.