Third-party integrations

Datto RMM integrates with a number of third-party applications that require a degree of setup and configuration. This document lists the integrations supported by Datto, as well as integrations created and supported by third parties.

NOTE  For information about how to integrate with Datto RMM, refer to FAQ - Integrating with Datto RMM.

Integrations supported by Datto

Product Name Description
ConnectWise The ConnectWise Manage Integration allows you to join together your Datto RMM and ConnectWise Manage accounts. This allows you to process and manage tickets created by Datto RMM (either manually or through automatic alerts) and to associate them with companies and devices within ConnectWise Manage. Refer to ConnectWise Manage Integration.
Kaspersky The integration with Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) allows you to manage and administer your IT antivirus solution from within the Datto RMM Web Portal.

IMPORTANT  Please note that the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Integration is no longer available for new implementations. Refer to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Integration.

Splashtop Splashtop is a leading screen share technology that provides a faster and smoother experience than the default VNC. The streamer can be rolled out to all your connected devices, both Windows and macOS, either automatically or on demand. Refer to Splashtop Remote Screen Share Integration.
Webroot The Webroot Endpoint Security Integration allows MSPs to deploy Webroot's lightweight Internet threat protection software and to support the endpoints secured by Webroot directly from the Datto RMM interface. Refer to Webroot Endpoint Security Integration.
Zendesk The integration with Zendesk enables all tickets to be handled within Zendesk.

IMPORTANT  Please note that the Zendesk Integration is no longer available for new implementations. Refer to Zendesk Integration.

Vendor integrations

Datto RMM has partnered with other trusted vendors to provide additional integrations. The integrations listed below have been developed by our vendors using the Datto RMM API.

NOTE  Datto strives to provide up-to-date information and presents the following listing as a courtesy to our partners. The information referenced in this section was current at time of publication but is not managed by, or the responsibility of, Datto.

IMPORTANT  Some of the vendor integrations listed here might not be available in all of the countries and languages that Datto services. International users should check with each vendor about the availability of their integration.

Vendor, Documentation Link, Description Web Contact
BrightGauge - Connecting to Datto RMM
A SaaS custom report tool that allows MSPs to provide their customers with professional looking reports. Their integration with Datto RMM provides Agent and device information stats.
BrightGauge Support
IT Glue - Integration document
IT Glue™ is a SOC 2-compliant IT documentation platform that puts mission-critical information at your fingertips, improving team efficiency and consistency. Their integration with Datto RMM offers the following:
• Discovers all Autotask PSA companies or Datto RMM sites and devices.
• Matches Autotask PSA companies or Datto RMM sites to organizations in IT Glue using the Datto RMM Name field.
• Suggests organizations based on name and pattern recognition.
• Matches devices to configurations in IT Glue using a MAC address or serial number.
• Suggests configurations based on exact name.
IT Glue Support
Myki - Datto RMM Remote Session Password Autofill
Myki is an award-winning password management and 2FA solution designed for MSPs, MSSPs, and VARs. It can be used internally or deployed to customers, all from a single dashboard, and it can integrate with a variety of RMMs, PSAs, and documentation platforms. Myki is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
Their integration with Datto RMM allows you to fill any type of sensitive information into your Datto RMM remote sessions with a few keyboard shortcuts.
Myki Help Center
OpsGenie - Integration document
OpsGenie is a cloud-based alert and notification management solution and has an email integration with Datto RMM. Using the integration, Datto RMM sends alerts to OpsGenie API with detailed information. OpsGenie acts as a dispatcher for Datto RMM alerts, determining the right people to notify based on on-call schedules, using email, text messages (SMS), phone calls, and iOS & Android push notifications, and escalating alerts until the alert is acknowledged or closed.
OpsGenie Support and Sales
Passportal Ocular™ + docs - Datto RMM Integration Configuration
Passportal is an online password and documentation management solution built for MSPs. The Ocular™ platform is cloud-based and makes storing, managing, and retrieving passwords quick and easy from virtually any connected device.
Their integration with Datto RMM allows Datto RMM sites and devices to be synced to Passportal and offers the following benefits:
• Launch Datto RMM from Passportal
• Quick connection to devices
• Remote sessions via RDP, VNC, and Splashtop
• Audit information and visibility of devices and their status
• Installed software information
• Device screenshot capabilities
• Two-way sync for user-defined fields
• Ability to re-sync devices and restore previous versions
Passportal Support and Sales
Password Boss - Datto Agent Browser
Password Boss is an online password management solution. With this integration, you can log in to remote Datto servers and workstations using passwords stored in your Password Boss account.
Password Boss Support
Warranty Master - Warranty Lookups for Datto RMM (Documentation is built in alongside the app.)
Warranty Master™ is a powerful warranty management solution that effortlessly performs continuous automatic warranty lookups and reporting for Datto RMM. Here is how Warranty Master™ does it:
1. Automatically fetch servers and workstations from Datto RMM.
2. Perform warranty lookups using the serial numbers.
3. Leverage the data to deliver game-changing reports.
4. Do it all over again and again and again.
With nothing to install, Warranty Master™ instantly connects via API so that you can finally take control of your warranties, once and for all.
Warranty Master Support