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About the integration

The Datto Networking Integration allows you to join Datto RMM sites with Datto Networking networks, offering many benefits to make the support process more integrated and efficient. Some highlights include:

  • Once the configuration is complete and a Datto RMM site is mapped to a Datto Networking network, all devices within the Datto Networking network are automatically kept in sync with your Datto RMM site as long as that mapping is active. Refer to Datto Network Manager: Getting Started.
  • Support technicians will not need to switch between different user interfaces; Datto Networking devices can be managed the same way as any other device in Datto RMM.
  • Support technicians can resolve client networking issues faster by remotely resetting Datto Networking devices.
  • Datto Networking devices will automatically be synced to PSA systems, which will make it easier to automate the billing process.

The Datto Networking Integration is free of charge, and Datto Networking devices do not count toward your Managed device limit.


To configure the integration, you will need the following:

  • The Datto Networking component downloaded from the ComStore
  • A Network Manager account with administrator access and REST API credentials

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