Agent updates

Datto RMM regularly rolls out Agent updates, typically when a new major release comes out. However, updates deemed critical by Datto RMM, such as security updates, may occasionally be rolled out between major releases. Datto RMM Administrators have the ability to control when an Agent update is pushed out to their devices.

Agent update checking intervals

The Datto RMM Agent checks for updates every two hours.

Turning ON / OFF Automatic Agent Updates

By default, the Automatic Agent Updates option is enabled in every account. When this option is turned OFF, an Administrator can take control of Agent updates at the account or site level. The Automatic Agent Updates option can be managed in the Web Portal in Account Settings:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Agent Update Settings.
  3. Switch ON / OFF the Automatic Agent Updates option.

NOTE  Disabling Automatic Agent Updates allows you to delay the roll-out of new Agents to your devices and selectively roll out the updates to individual sites.

Rolling out updates

If the Automatic Agent Updates option is disabled in your account, you can control when the updates are rolled out.

If there is an outstanding Agent update available, you will see an info bar in the Web Portal at both the account and site level. If you are on the Sites tab, you can click to apply the update to the entire account. If you are within an individual site, you can click to apply the update to only that specific site. After that, the Agent(s) will be enabled to receive the outstanding update.

NOTE  Updates can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Additional considerations

Disabling the Automatic Agent Updates option causes values to be written at both the account and site level, comprising the version of the Agent distributed at that point in time. In addition:

  • Permitting a specific site to update causes this value to be overwritten with the most recent version. The same applies at the account level.
  • If a device checks in with a newer version than this value when updates are paused, it will not downgrade, but it will not update either. Therefore, ensure that you keep an installer of the old version handy for each site.
  • If a device checks in with an older version than this value, it will update. Since only the latest version of the Agent is distributed, the device will update its Agent to the latest version.

NOTE  Even if the Automatic Agent Updates option is disabled, Datto RMM reserves the right to forcibly update the value mentioned above on all accounts to the most recent version (thus forcing a device update) in case of, for example, potential security risks.