Datto RMM platforms

The Datto RMM cloud application is located on a number of platforms around the globe. Each platform consists of a number of individual server instances that control different areas of the product (Agent connectivity, Web Portal etc.). To achieve the fastest connection, your account will reside on the platform that is geographically nearest to you, based on the location you specified when you signed up.

NOTE  If you have accidentally selected a wrong location, contact your Account Manager for assistance to have your account migrated to the correct platform.

Unified Login Server (ULS)

The Datto RMM Unified Login Server (ULS) is a single sign-on server managing all Datto RMM partners’ credentials, allowing them to log in at one location and be directed to their specific platform. The login page address of the Datto RMM ULS is https://centrastage.net.

Current regions and platforms

When logging in through the single sign-on server, you will be directed to the platform where your account is hosted. The name of the platform will be displayed in the first part of the URL once you have logged in.

EXAMPLE  If your account is hosted on the Merlot platform, the following URL will be displayed once you have logged in through the single sign-on server: https://merlot.centrastage.net/csm/.

In addition to the ULS, all five platforms host their own login page. You can log into your account using the correct direct login URL.

Region Platform Name Direct Platform Address Direct Login Page
EU (Ireland) Pinotage
US East (Virginia)
US West (Oregon)
APAC (Sydney) Syrah https://syrah.centrastage.net https://syrah.centrastage.net/csm/login

IMPORTANT  To connect to your platform, you must open your firewall for platform-specific IP Addresses. Some firewalls, proxies or security appliances may require access to the URL of the service as well as the IP address. For further information, refer to Whitelisting requirements for IP addresses and URLs.