Datto RMM 7.6.0 release notes


Platform Date From (UTC) To (UTC) Duration
Syrah (APAC) Monday, September 30, 2019 10:00 13:00 3 hrs
Zinfandel (US West) Wednesday, October 2, 2019 08:00 11:00 3 hrs
Concord (US East) Thursday, October 3, 2019 08:00 11:00 3 hrs
Merlot (EU2) Thursday, October 3, 2019 17:00 20:00 3 hrs
Pinotage (EU1) Monday, October 7, 2019 17:00 20:00 3 hrs

NOTE  *The schedule is subject to change. Please check the Status Page for regular updates.

IMPORTANT  This is a full platform AND Agent release, therefore, partners should expect very brief disconnects of the Agent during the update window.

About the release

The 7.6.0 release is the ninth update for Datto RMM in 2019. This release brings the highly anticipated Datto Networking Integration to Datto RMM, as well as various other fixes and improvements.

Datto Networking Integration

The new Datto Networking Integration can be activated from the ComStore and features:

  • Straightforward setup and configuration - Get set up in seconds by enabling the integration. Then, you can map networks to sites. Refer to Datto Networking Integration.
  • Automatic device synchronization - Supported Datto Networking devices - Datto Access Points, Datto Switches, and Datto Managed Power devices - are kept in sync automatically. Refer to Automatic device synchronization.
  • Datto Access Point, Datto Switch, and Datto Managed Power device pages - View information about and perform actions on these devices, including navigating to connected Datto RMM devices. Note that these are only available in the New UI BETA. Refer to Device Summary - New UI BETA.
  • View and navigate to related devices - Datto RMM devices connected to a Datto Networking device in the same site will show the relationship in the new Related Devices card. Note that this is only available in the New UI BETA. Refer to Related Devices.

Other fixes and improvements

  • You can now make the New UI BETA the default landing page when logging in, including when navigating to Datto RMM from Autotask PSA. Refer to My Settings.
  • Dashboards can now be re-ordered and a new text widget is available. Refer to Dashboards BETA and Text.
  • Printers are now a supported device type in the New UI BETA. Refer to Device Summary - New UI BETA.
  • In a Mozilla Firefox Web Remote session, you can send the clipboard as keystrokes so that passwords can be pasted to device login screens. You can also copy/paste data to and from devices. Refer to Keyboard.


VIDEO  Datto RMM 7.6.0 Release Overview
Join the Community Program Manager Melissa Hockenberry and Product Manager Frederick Bendžius-Drennan for a quick overview of what's in this release featuring the new Datto RMM integration with Datto Networking. Configure the integration, map Datto Networking networks to Datto RMM sites, synchronize data and networking devices to RMM, and much more.

List of improvements and fixes