Datto RMM 7.1.0 release notes


Platform Date From (UTC) To (UTC) Duration
Zinfandel (US West) Mon 13th May 2019 07:00 10:00 3 hrs
Syrah (APAC) Wed 15th May 2019 07:00 10:00 3 hrs
Concord (US East) Thu 16th May 2019 07:00 10:00 3 hrs
Merlot (EU2) Thu 16th May 2019 16:00 19:00 3 hrs
Pinotage (EU1) Mon 20th May 2019 16:00 19:00 3 hrs

NOTE  *The schedule is subject to change. Please check the Status Page for regular updates.

IMPORTANT  This is a full platform AND Agent release, therefore, partners should expect very brief disconnects of the Agent during the update window.

About the release

The 7.1.0 release is the fourth update for Datto RMM in 2019. This release has around 80 different improvements and bug fixes. Some of the highlights are:

  • Devices now support up to 30 User-Defined Fields (UDFs). Refer to User-defined fields.
  • Improvements to patch scans better handle temporary issues and provide more useful troubleshooting information. Refer to Frequency of patch scans at audit time.
  • Increased support for antivirus vendors as part of the default audit. Refer to Antivirus products.
  • Updates to default filter results for Hewlett Packard devices. To return more complete results, a change was made to all related criteria to target manufacturers beginning with Hewlett OR HP, instead of the previous contains Hewlett OR Packard. Please be aware this change could impact existing jobs, policies, or reports using this filter for targeting purposes. Refer to Default Device Filter definitions.
  • Deprecation of Connection Brokers. Part of streamlining Agent-to-platform communication for this release requires the deprecation of Connection Brokers. As functionality becomes increasingly reliant on the Agent Process rather than the Agent Service, Connection Brokers add a level of complexity that is no longer necessary.

For more details and a full list of improvements and fixes, see the sections below.